Glass Jars, Soil, Ashes, Handmade Paper from #somethingfromnothingmanifesto Project, PencilEarth to Ashes (triptych), 20226cm x 11cm x 4cm. 18cmx 8cm. 32cm x 22cm

My father passed away in 2015, my son was five weeks old at the time. Dealing with a newborn and my unidentified perinatal PTSD did not leave me much time or headspace to deal with my grief. I made this work at the beginning of 2022. My father was cremated in 2015 and at the time it was important for my mother to ensure myself and my brother got some of his ashes to keep or scatter where we wished.

I kept mine in their little purple velvet pouch and at tough times I hold it in my hands and talk to my father. This work represents the huge amount of healing I have achieved around the grief of losing him. The text on the handmade paper from #somethingfromnothingmanifesto is from my journal, having lost my father, dealt with my birth trauma, choosing to become a single mother in 2020, and reflecting on how I have dealt with the sometimes intense pain of these events. Having the clarity of mind to get through tough life events can lead to awakenings and beauty.