January 30, 2020

Where do you stand in the war against climate change?

Louise Woodland

Acrylic on CanvasPoppies, 2019

The poppy is a resilient flower that represents wars past and present and the choices we have made. We are fighting our biggest war yet… climate change. Our World is on fire and life will not be as we know it, unless we change. In my painting, the poppies facing away represent greed in the world and weep blood onto the others as they only care for what happens now. They seep gold and turn a blind eye on how their actions are fuelling the flames of a deep fiery climate hole. The poppies facing towards us represent those who acknowledge the dangers and challenges posed by climate change. They weep as they accept responsibility and show global solidarity. They listen and work together to do what they can to save the World. The poppy buds represent the next generation, the grieving inheritors who weep in frustration. They need the help of the other Poppy’s to help them realise a safe healthy future. Although their heads hang low their stalks stand strong and they provide solutions and demand urgent action to enable them to flourish and grow. You decide?