Video / Online Interactive EnvironmentA Duck Pond, 2020

A Duck Pond was made in response to the growing importance of online activity stemming from the lockdown in 2020.

In a year where anxieties and stress were rising and terms such as ‘Doom Scrolling’ entered the public consciousness. It seems ever more important to find places and ways to relax and detox from emotionally draining twitter feeds.

The video I am presenting for the award is taken directly from an Online Interactive Environment I have made using software traditionally used for game design.

A Duck Pond offers a space online where you are free to relax for as long as you need to, soft music plays in the background as you wonder around the pond. As the work is available online it is an accessible way of presenting work as the physical boundaries of the gallery are removed in place of work reachable through the internet.

All the objects in the environment were originally ink drawings I had made and then scanned into my computer and I wrote and played the music which features in the Video. (A link to the playable version of the game can be found on my website)