April 30, 2021

‘Where Do You Find Your Inner Peace?’

Kelsey Todd

AcrylicsSearching, 2019120cm x 90cm

I have 2 passions in my life art and the sea. I will never forget the first time I swam under the sea on holiday. The sense of peace and calm as the noisy, busy world above disappeared. I found myself in a world within a world. Since that day the ocean has been my go to in times of stress, the sound of the waves, the ever changing colour of the sky’s refection on the water and best of all the feeling I have when I swim under the waves into the calm, silent water with the sun’s rays dancing through with spectrums of light. In this particular painting the image I chose to paint is of a young girl not unlike myself at that age, it brings to mind happy days of a more carefree life before becoming an adult brought with it all the restraints and obligations of a grown up life.