What if the world would be upside down?, 2020

We, white people, have asked endlessly ‘where do you really come from?’. We have never asked ourselves such a question, and we have never been asked such question nor been challenged to look for our real roots. This series of comic-strips wants to promote these questions to us, white people. This comic-strips, inspired by an academic essay, explores First Nation peoples’ representativity within Western museums. This is not about First Nation peoples, but rather about institutional racism, social identity formation, and symbolic violence. It is about white people and our prevailing perception of the other, of Indigenous peoples. This comic-strips imagines a world where First Nation peoples are powerful and white peoples powerless. This comic-strips is about hope, as it imagines a world where the prevailing image and perception of Indigenous peoples can and must be challenged and defeated. This comic-strips states the obvious and ask its viewer to review and question the knowledge that he is being inculcated with. This series of comic-strips by pointing out the continuous violence inflicted upon First Nation peoples urges the audience of this comic-strip and Anthropological Museums to end this violence that denigrates and put at risk the lives of Indigenous peoples.