January 30, 2021

Where Do We Go From Here?

Isabel Duffy

35mm Photography, Mixed Media CollageVacancy, 2019

The title ‘Vacancy’ refers to the absence of physical form present.

The shadow captured embodies the negative of a person. When I shot this roll of film I was drawing from the photography of Francesca Woodman and Dora Maar, notable for their surrealist styles, visual puns, play with light in the developing process, and spontaneity. In the piece, depth and flatness collide, as floating circles disrupt the sense of space. The figures form curves, our eye pulled to the point at which all three surfaces touch. The organic circle is a repeating motif in my work, it feels comforting, resembling familiar forms such as a full moon or a brass door handle. I find it meditative to sit and try with a pair of scissors and ritualistically try to cut a perfect circle. ‘Where do we go from here?’, asks us to consider our position, and direction when met with a lone shadow, hemmed into a corner. Space as a subject right now is topical, expressions of an absence of space, to work, to live, to exist, are collectively felt . Today more than ever it can feel as though we are all walking in circles.