Where do we go from here?, 2020

This is the year for fulfilling our commitment to 1140 hours of Early Years childcare, for children between the ages of three and five in Scotland. I have spent several years working in Early Years in Edinburgh but recently started working as part of the Early Years Teaching Team at Scottish Borders Council. Part of the joy of my new job is driving round the Borders – awesome! This is my special Tinkerbell – can you see her? She lives just outside St Boswells. These are challenging times in Early Years in Scotland, we are taking the road less travelled and… where do we go from here? We aspire to reducing the attainment gap, raise the quality and breadth of experience for our wee ones and giving them a better future. My lovely Tinkerbell reminds me of this every time I drive past her. She has her arms raised as if to say “Argh – which way? I don’t know! Come on – let’s just go for it!” She is my inspiration and I love my new job!