April 19, 2021

Where Do We Find Solace?

Freya Lennox

Embroidery Thread And Acrylic Ink On Raw Canvas'Here On This Edge Of Europe, I Stand On The Edge Of Being', 165cm x 46cm

This piece of art was inspired by Nan Shepherds poem ‘Achiltibuie’ and the sense of solace and peace that she communicates through the poem. I wanted to communicate the feeling peace and calmness that can be often found in our favourite places, for me this is in the mountains and so I used personal landscape photos I had taken in 2020 and combined the landscape with quotes from the poem on a piece of canvas. During lockdown and much of 2020/21 many people have not been able to be in the places that make them happiest and so I used this opportunity of being stuck home to look to the past and recreate the feelings and emotions I and many other people had felt in these special places before lockdown.