October 22, 2019

Where do we find beauty?

Colin Templeton, 51

There is beauty to be found everywhere. I live in the city, and that is where I go looking for creative inspiration. Cities are in constant flux. Ten years will pass, new buildings spring up, much-loved old ones are torn down. Industries disappear. The cars people drive begin to look like spaceships. The future is anyone’s guess. Streets filled with parked cars might well become a distant memory.

I think anyone who goes out into their environment, wielding camera, is trying in some sense to stop time, to preserve it. I sometimes like to imagine myself as someone who has travelled back in time, from the distant future. I’m only here, in the early 21st century, for a single day. What image can I return with that will look incredible to the people back in the future?

Nothing is ordinary, everything eventually disappears, and will one day seem fascinating. We take too much for granted, we don’t look around enough. I love the challenge of finding the beauty in the everyday, in the tarmac and concrete, the light and shade of the city. It’s the closest I can come to simply disappearing.

The Everyday, 2019PhotographySquare format