This piece is called ‘Source of the Sea’ (2016). I think about the endometrium, this warm, folded surface, as the initial platform for developing mammalian life. It harbours growth as the passion for living develops, before being flushed out to realise life is a journey of ups and downs, with currents that spur you on and hold you back, much like the sea. The sea also hosts the most life, although I appreciate little of it is mammalian, but water is also regarded the source of life. In fact, life itself was born in the water, and thus it carries similarities with the endometrium.
I used wax because of the endometrium like texture it brings, with the added challenge that every layer added takes away from the layer before, much like menstruation, an opportunity to refresh the possibilities for life. This all sounds a little gory but my emphasis is on considering that this depiction of the female form is not merely ‘saucy’, but humbles us to realise where our source lies, and that women each have the power to deliver the very thing that keeps the anthropological world ticking; life.


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