February 1, 2019

Where do we bury tears?

Rebecca Raeburn, 26

Where We Bury Tears explores the devastating and at times sedate experience of loss. Through a child’s eyes, it bears witness to the way in which loss can colour every day and every experience, trailing along behind you like an unwanted shadow.

It asks more questions than it answers, as loss tends to do, but this story came about as I reflected back on my own experience of losing my father, and wondered where we buried the tears we did not and sometimes could not cry.

Grief does not always manifest itself in visible emotion, and yet, sometimes the hardest days are the days we cannot cry. When I look back at the losses I have experienced, most of the feelings and memories that are attached to them are from my childhood. I seem to become a child again, every single time I look back.

That is where I keep those tears. The ones that are not cried.


Where We Bury Tears