January 24, 2020

Where do we belong?

Bartosz Grabski, 23

Sometimes what is around, is not something desired, a change, different scenery is desired. Sometimes the conditions are not allowing to grow, to develop, to discover, they strangle. Perfect house or a cosy flat? It is only prerequisite. I am interested in the change and transformation that people experience when they migrate, what are the things that help them decide where to settle? I am fascinated by the opportunities that became available thanks to the move. How the mindset in the new space is allowing to develop in the way no one ever would if the space stayed the same. What makes a place, home? Does the upbringing matter or is it all about feeling the sense of belongingness? What are the roles that we play in different places and how can we find a place, which would allow us to play the role we want to?

Interchange, 2019