October 22, 2019

Where do our stories exist?

Martin Crawford, 40

The thematic basis underlying my work is to remind us that all our stories are at once entirely individual, while ultimately the same. I feel that reminding people of this is fundamentally important in today’s world. With growing individualism and desires to separate and disconnect gaining prominence again, I believe that this has been forgotten. And so I attack the political, social, economic and cultural issues of today, not by specifically targeted messages, but by holding this value, and trying to strongly promote it in my work.

This particular work deals with memories – where they exist, are stored, categorised, prioritised and forgotten. It explores how our stories link to objects that we use and discard. Many of the objects are mutually recognisable, while others offer repeated blanks for the imagination to play with. Furthermore, it takes a new materialist approach to the objects, tracking the full materials journeys of the objects from production of their raw materials to their own creation and ultimate discarding – emphasising the extensive links in the life of the object. Much of the objects are from the junkyard where all stories end together – again, reminding us of how we are ultimately linked by that inescapable end.

And The Memories Spewed Forth With The Trinkets, 2019Found objects, Found wood, Plaster, Poplar wood, Pine woodInstallation to fit space