April 12, 2019

Where Do I Belong?

Pimpawan Wangamonmit, 22

My artwork explores and interrogates Thailand’s complex cultural values, which are fast disappearing. Observing change within Thai cultures, in particular focusing on cultural heritage, exchange, immigration, politics, woven textiles and symbolic patterns. Through an array of colour palettes using repetition of form my artwork seek to uncover an implied historical narrative, considering identity and personal experience. Moreover, I personally interrogate the past, present and future, alluding to a push and pull between loss and gain.

The lost in which appears in weaving today fewer women learn to weave in Thailand and factory- produced textiles replace traditional hand-women cloth, these complex relationships are fast disappearing, production the effect between factories or manufacture production and artisanal effect. This is the reason why I have painted the ladies in fully pattern as a way of reminder and preserve. The question I always have when make my artwork is “Where do I belongs?” comes from personal experiences, as an international student who spent times in boarding school in UK, so throughout my work I felt that it is not fully Thais nor either European feels, as I question where do my art and where do myself I belongs to?


The Ladies With Bouquet
Oil on canvas