October 2, 2019

Where did the sense of loss go ?

Steven Reynolds, 49

My entry explores a sense of loss on multiple levels that perhaps, in the current era of social media is ironically lost itself. I had asked for a poem by Jock Scot around the theme of ‘smoke’ some years ago to mark his passing – I was given his reading of Edwin Morgans ‘one cigarette’ which is not about ‘fire’ but of a sense of loss and temporality – I could find no analogous subject matter to film until recent events in Glasgow. I am hoping to bring attention to the sense of loss that can fall by the wayside as social media-fuelled narratives of blame become more visible. Could it be that we need to directly experience a sense of loss rather than avoid it ?

One Cigarette, 2019VideoSauchiehall St to Renfrew St