January 12, 2022

Where Can We Find the Space to Connect with the World Within Us and Around Us?

Catriona Robertson

Performance ArtBone as Soft, Skin as Concrete, 2021

The work explores the fragility of the earth mirrored with our own personal fragility. Using dance as the medium, the movement was generated from an empathetic response to the textures, sensations and personal experience from the outside world. A tranquil and dream-like space is created for the audience to reflect on their own relationship with the environment and allow themselves to truly feel the emotions or thoughts that occur during the performance. Choreographically, the movement is driven from an internal force relating to personal experiences creating delicate and subtle gestures yet the continuity represents the continuous change in nature, and with its resilience comes great strength and hope as we move forward with a new awareness in how we engage with the world around us and how we can bring more of ourselves to the world. It is a space to breathe, reflect and remind yourself that your existence is a beautiful and vital part of the environment.