December 8, 2021

Where Can We Find Happiness?

Marie Henderson

Felt Pen and Biro on PaperOur Time, 2021A3

Consumerism is a growing part of our every day lives. We made to think material things will make us happy. They are not! We as a society are turning to drink and drugs, binge eating and technology to make our existence more enjoyable. Its creating alcoholics, druggies, lazy and obese. No one talks to anyone anymore due to technology. But worse we are passing it on to future generations. Suicide rates among the young are so common now. It’s so very sad. Humanity is turning to hate and becoming unwell and having to take pharmaceutical drugs to remain stable. We’re so dependent on drugs for our everyday life, especially the elderly. What is the government doing to help the people they were set up to help in the first place? They say they’re helping but we really don’t know. They are full of secrets and so the cycle continues. I believe we would be better if we all just ditched technology and go back to simpler times. Ditch the materials nonsense. LESS IS MORE! I’m optimistic, there is always hope!