This packaging design for explores the emotions & depths of being at ultimate peace.
The illustration is inspired from the myth of the discovery of silk, thousands of years ago. According to Chinese legend, empress Lei-Tsu discovered silk when a cocoon dropped into her to tea-cup and began to expand until it spread across her entire garden. The Chinese carefully safeguarded the secrets of silk production for thousands of years, as silk was more valuable than gold and led to the expansion of trade from the East to the West.
To depict a place of comfort, self-care, tranquillity and beauty I immediately think of water and botanics. Hence the woman is swimming in a small pond in a forest, surrounded by moths. Her dress is to connect to the Chinese heritage.
In a generation that is so rushed and pressured, I believe it’s important to take the time to relax and go outdoors, to make you feel at ease and in comfort with yourself and the earth. My place would be in this exact forest.


Pen and Adobe Illustrator