This short story explores the idea that there is always a place you will come back to, perhaps where part of your soul resides. Regardless of how much you wish to belong elsewhere, certain places and life’s are made for you, and others for someone else- and that’s not a bad thing. Impermanence (or Where are we supposed to be?) was my way of understanding that everyone feels as though some things are worth chasing after, but sometimes it’s important to allow yourself to break away before you burn out. Although this place for me is definitely Scotland, where I was raised and will always identify with, I think that San Francisco and the Philippines can represent promise without fulfilment vs contentment without “making it big”, and that not everybody has to be massively successful, or rich, or beautiful to have a space made for you in the world. It’s such an exhaustive and unrealistic idea that a good life is characterised by something so tangible, and constantly changing. There are always more important things.