Pen and Ink, Digital MediaWhere are we actually heading ?, 2020

In my drawing I wanted to depict humanity’s journey, in an immutable, perpetuous cycle. I wanted to look at what makes us different, but the same, and I decided to focus on the concept of different peoples religious beliefs. The idea was to leave the interpretation of the journey up to the observer as to whether the drawing represents a set destination, the life cycle of a person, e.g. from birth to death, or a continuance of that life, in the afterlife. The concept is s pilgrimage, growing as we undertake the journey, but leaving the destination ambiguous, open. The structure at the end shows longevity and an agelessness, but no set inference or conceptuality. I just wanted a welcome to all. Depending on interpretation the boat is representative of life or a vessel to aid on the continuing journey (certain knowledge of historic inference to the ferry man and boats, would apply), the north star hints at the religious connotation, as well as depicting navigation and a guide on the journey. The concept of the people was to be formless, portraying no gender, age, skin colour, height or weight, no individual or unique features, emphasising we are the same.