January 31, 2020

Where are Scotland’s women surrealists?

Rachel Ashenden, 23

‘The Debutante’ is an interdisciplinary arts journal which redresses discrimination and sexism in the arts by promoting the lives, work and histories of women surrealists. The publication is Scotland-based, with an international outlook. It aims to bring together a new movement of surrealism in print and online collaboration. The journal is edited and designed by two young women who bonded over a love of surrealism. We felt frustrated at the historical 20th century movement, which denied women the status of surrealists in their own right, but rather as muses to the more prolific male practitioners. We’re reviving the movement to address this, with the aim to kickstart lesser known contemporary artists’ careers. We encourage engagement and participation from anyone who is motivated by interjecting women surrealists’ art into the contemporary everyday, or, simply to learn more. ‘Issue 1: The Feminist-Surrealist Manifesto’ launched in January 2020 at an event generously hosted by the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. ‘Issue 2: Odysseys’ will focus on surrealist interpretations of transnationalism, overcoming borders/barriers and displacement. In this politically divisive climate, this is an especially important theme to explore through surrealist collaboration.

'The Debutante' issue 1, 2020Journal