May 29, 2019

Where Am I?

Raoul MacCamley, 24

I never thought I could feel lost. I felt certainty about my direction, yet now, all of a sudden, I am experiencing doubt. I am optimistic, but lost. Where am I?

Every day, I scribble down every little valuable thought that bounces out of my subconscious mind and into the pond of my window-gazing daydreams. The composition and poem that constitute this piece are a gathering of these little musings. Individually, they are like ants, but they come together formidably to direct the striking scene that you will hear (and see, if you contemplate the cover artwork).

Despite the relatively short run-time, “Where Am I?” contains three movements;

– Actions building up to the present moment
– The current state of feeling lost
– Looking back on what led to now

The importance of this question is to evaluate oneself. To weigh progress against regress, and plan for the future accordingly.

Where Am I?
The musical composition is accompanied by poetry, as well as a detailed illustration (see cover artwork).

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