September 26, 2019

Where am I?

Christopher Grayson

Digital Photograph/PrintWhere am I?, 20197140x4760

My image explores my place in the world and my place in relation to something much more long lasting than myself. I have been struggling recently with powerful feelings of de-realisation and de-personalisation and this makes me question my very existence all the time. I have tried to evoke this using a shallow depth of field which blurs me while the buildings ceiling remains in sharp focus.
Starting studying HNC Photography at West College Scotland last month has really helped my mental health. It was a fairly last minute decision in a difficult time of my life and without that decision I would not have ended up at this church taking this photo, which I find quite profound. All of this introspection ,I think, is reflected in the image with the use of the mirror, it shows me at a very specific time and place in my life