February 20, 2020

When you’re stuck in a place, is it worth getting out at all cost?

Jedrzej Kierys, 20

In Western society, we’ve never been good at taking things slow. That has been both a blessing, and a curse. One of my heroes, Bruce Springsteen, has often told us to go out right now, do something with our lives while there’s still time, join him on the road to a place better than this, whatever ‘this’ means. But surely, for every person that manages to achieve their dreams, there must be at least a hundred who don’t; people who stumble on their way, fall down and don’t get up. I don’t think we’ve ever really come to terms with that side of Springsteen songs, the dark side of dreams. In my story, I wished to explore, with the eyes and voice of a frustrated teenager, how it feels to be stuck in a dead small town, to be chained to a hell not of one’s making while dreams, we’re told, are out there waiting for us. Can any good ever come out of vulnerable people wanting big things fast?

On this warm July, 2020short story