January 29, 2019

When will women stop seeing other women as competitors?

Abigail Allen


Patriarchy has taught women to view other women as threats – competitors to get men’s attention.
Patriarchy has taught women that they are overly dramatic – engaging in male friendships is more sustainable.

When women question gender roles and norms of society, the possibilities of female friendships unlocks. What is found is a source of love, joy, confidence, comfort and guidance. It is a sisterhood that provides protection against anything that might come in one’s way.

This illustration depicts the female friendship as a safe space, a private garden for women that have decided to admire each other instead of feeling threatened. I believe that the female bond is something you actively have to value and prioritise in order for it to evolve. My hope is that one day the norm for women is to support other women and that the patriarchal values are long gone.


Safe Space
Wood-burned illustration

I am focused on illustration and graphic design, using them as tools to explore questions regarding womanhood, identity and philosophy.