October 29, 2020

When will we stop destroying what we rely on?

Claire Burnett

Photography Collage, Giclée PrintListen to the Water, Don't Interrupt the Tide, 201956x40"

Luskentyre Beach is a beautiful stretch of coastline, situated on the Isle of Harris. Even when in a place of such calming beauty it is impossible to ignore the disruption by the human hand, which has left nowhere untouched. The pair of images sit side by side, connected but not quite touching. Intricate detail of sand patterns are sculpted by the tide, which reflects the glow from above. But something is in the way. On the surface, these images visually represent the overall sense of denial and lack of reaction that comes from the general population, when faced with many devastating environmental issues. The blocks in the images are noisy, distracting, and express the buzz of modern society that stops us from facing the truth. However, the abstract colours and patterns within these blocks are altered natural forms: as everything is at its root. On a more personal level, this piece embodies my emotions when submerged within a landscape. As someone with environmental awareness, it has become impossible to enjoy ‘untouched’ space, I know it doesn’t exist. I feel guilt for what we’ve done. The harsh bars embody the emotional block that the majority manage to duck under.