VideoYou Are Not Machines, 2020

How is it that al across the world, ideologies that have caused so much harm in the past are gaining traction again? New political leaders are empowering bigotry to divide and manipulate the population in order to gain political power. Will we ever learn to stop making the same mistakes? Why do we all seem to lack so much compassion for our fellow human being, no matter how different they are from us? As a queer artist working in these troubled political times, I feel the urgent need to use my work to not only entertain people, but to empower them. We mustn’t become complacent and comfortable in a system that terrorises so many. The words of Charlie Chaplin in his film The Great Dictator shook me when I heard them properly for the first time, and I have performed this act at festivals and shows as much as possible since then. Adapting it for the age of Covid-19, I wanted to strip away the artifice of my makeup, to reveal the bare reality of who I am as human being underneath. We must recognise and celebrate our differences, not let politicians divide us for power.