January 19, 2022

When Will We Be Able to Say “No” to a Crappy Job in a Mice-Infested Kitchen?

Luca Serra


Over the last four years I have started writing in English, relaying my experiences of a foreigner living and working in the U.K. I’ve always been fascinated by writing from the perspective of a person transported to an alien environment. My experience as an Italian living in Scotland has given me this perspective, at once feeling a sense of new belonging and isolation in a new home. I feel it is an experience shared with and by many of my generation and therefore a theme that will be relevant and of interest: a feeling of being out of place and uncertain for the future.

Winning this award would help me to develop both my career in Scotland and my writing style. I have just finished working on my first collection of short stories in English (around the theme of immigration and integration into a new country). I think I could contribute to the Scottish editorial narrative with a fresh perspective in regards to the world we live in, especially since the recent political/societal events which have thrown up new questions about immigration and integration. I hope my writing can contribute something of value to this conversation.