July 21, 2020

When Will They Remember The People?

Marianne Nicoll, 74

I want to protect the basic essentials. Food, shelter, warmth, clothing, light, music, literature, art, small pleasures, work and purpose make life worth living. These things sustain us. They are precious and essential, but It seems they are becoming of little value. They need protecting. Politics, trade and the media are three powers that affect our daily lives in opaque ways. I feel they connive and manipulate and speak in common tongues, all seemingly designed to confuse. I see their actions as a never-ending cynical game of paper, scissors, stone regardless of the consequences. The results of their interplay spread like a virus, influencing our lives and creating insecurity. Quality of life is of little consideration. This causes a never-ending feeling of unease and apprehension for ordinary people. Who should we believe or trust? What do we need to beware of? When can we feel safe?

Threatened Values, 2008Charcoal89 cm x 71 cm