DigitalOur Normal Kills People, 2021, 2021A3

Cop26 in Glasgow allowed for the city to open its doors to the rest of the world, in aims to come together and discuss healing our wounded planet. Without access to the ‘Blue Zone’ I spent most days in the City Centre following various protests and demonstrations, meeting people from around the globe serious about transmitting a message. I focused this project on protesters seen with their personal statements and signs located at various events throughout the city. This work is how I experienced Cop26, surrounded by masses of people deprived of change. The term ‘people power’ was not ambiguous in its meaning during Cop26 in Glasgow. The people of Glasgow and beyond joined in unison to demonstrate their right to protest, taking over the city at points and demanding change. It was important and moving to see all generations verbalizing their outrage for how our earth has become just another source of profit for multinational companies and world leaders. This was a major event in history for Glasgow and for me witnessing the love and passion for our earth the old saying rang true, people do indeed make Glasgow.