January 31, 2019

When will the constant search for belonging end?

Phillip Edge, 24

When we think of family, we often only recognise our closest relatives as part of it. Family is a word that extends not only to our blood relatives, but to our friends, neighbours and even strangers in our own country and abroad. There are also those out there that would say they do not have a family at all.

In ‘Beyond The Tree’, I wanted to explore the nature of what family means, and to help people recognise that this value extends beyond our homes, and across waters to other people in different worlds to ours.

In a time of constant political and geographical change – building walls and claiming independence from our neighbours – the value of family is only further obscured.

It is almost impossible for us to watch a video of a foreign refugee, an interview with someone of a different religion, even different coloured skin, and to see that person as “family”.

Each of us have our own family tree, but most of us forget that these trees have roots, and that these roots are connected to other trees.

Beyond The Tree