March 4, 2021

When Will Rape Culture End?

Georgia Maxwell

Daughter Of Lilith,

Between 2017 and 2018 2,136 rapes were reported in Scotland; This resulted in 247 prosecutions and 107 convictions. That means 2,029 victims starved of justice. That means 2,029 abusers enjoying freedom. That is 2,029 messages to other victims to surrender. That is 2,029 messages to abusers to proceed. In 1903 powerful women were called hooligans. And they were imprisoned. In 1692 powerful women were called witches. And they were hung. In 1431 powerful women were called heretics. And they were burned at the stake. In ancient Greece powerful women were called monsters. And they were beheaded. In the biblical period powerful women were called villains. And they were banished to hell. In 2021 powerful women are called bitches. And they are not believed. They are told they were asking for it. They are asked what they were wearing, how much they were drinking and why they didn’t speak up sooner. Abuse against women, simply for being women, is a story we know all too well. It is in our scriptures, our history books, our art galleries, our newspapers and in our homes, but when will this age-old story get a new ending. When will rape culture end?