January 26, 2020

When will it feel?

Terry Cook, 34

This piece explores the potential issues that may arise if the technological singularity takes place. The technological singularity describes the moment where artificial intelligence advances so much that it becomes more intelligent than humans, and is able to exponentially improve and create better versions of itself. The robot I built closely resembles a human-form. This in combination with its erratic movements were part of my artistic decision to provoke an uncomfortable, uncanny valley sensation within the viewer. The human like properties of the robot and its apparent restlessness, highlight the darker side of technological progress. We have already used A.I. for dubious purposes. Recently we have heard about how social media have employed A.I. for advertising purposes, and how A.I. has been used to manipulate voters. Where else is it being used? Many leading technology experts and scientists have publicly expressed concerns about the technology singularity, and have stressed the need for regulation over A.I. use and development. The lack of eyelids and the piercing eyes on the robot is a lurid reminder that we need to look more closely at this issue. The robot has been deliberately under-powered to create the glitching behaviour.

Adamite, 2019Robotics