July 18, 2018

When will homelessness not be a social norm?

Chandelle Waugh


Inexorable focuses on the issue of ‘anti-homeless’ architectural spikes, these are put in place where homeless people would find shelter and comfort.

I’ve used a marbled concrete look against the rusted, fear-provoking nails to show the distinction between poverty and wealth. The concrete is representative of the grounds that homeless people have no choice but to find comfort in even though this medium is cold and dull whilst the marbling effect suggests elegance and prosperity.

The overall piece is a representation of a bench I took the cube shape from modern architecture and used this to my advantage in relation to modern times. The use of an item of ‘furniture’ was to take something that’s familiar, provides support, comfortable and inviting and make it repulsing and create a fearful environment, simulating how homeless people feel.