Precious gems and metalsPrecious Influences, 2020approx 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm

With our earth in such a heightened state of change and turmoil should upcycled and ethically sourced materials be at the forefront of our minds when purchasing jewellery? Is it acceptable that we continue to rapaciously harvest the earth of all her resources for our own gratification?

In creating this ring I felt that it was important to reuse stones and gold that were handed down by my mother and a close personal friend. I wanted to create a piece of jewellery that reflected my relationship with both these women who have been my primary role models and mentors. My mother gave me a pair of gold earrings, a metal that represents purity, strength and the eternal relationship that we share. I have incorporated the gold into the surrounding edges of the ring showing the support and love that she has always shown to me, and how I have become a reflection of who she is. I have reused a traditional diamond and gold dress ring that I inherited from my friend who was the same age as my mother and who often nurtured and counselled me. The diamonds represent the eternal friendship that we will share, and their bright clarity and reflections are reminders of the light that she brought into my life. I bought the sterling silver and it is recycled. The gold that I bought was recycled and the blue/green sapphire that is set onto the ring was ethically sourced from an Australian