December 13, 2019

When was the last time you loved your children?

Glenda Marion Zeppa Loiacono, 37

When we begin our process of learning how to be parents, we discover that we really don’t know what love is, we don’t know how to love our children. We repeat the stories of our parents over and over again without questioning why or what consequences it may have in the future, when they try to create their own lives. Sometimes we abuse the unconditional love of our children and we know that it hurts. We are going to be the voice of their conscience, they are going to see the world with our own eyes. Instead of questioning ourselves or creating new ways of loving, we get scared. We take refuge in drinking, occupy our mind and thus not feel the pain. We buy clothes, we watch TV, we run away. Our children are still waiting for our love.

"The day that Mom decided to Die"., 2018Charcoal, acrylic, soft pastel, chalks, pencil.A3