December 14, 2019

When is enough, enough?

Deborah Sanderson

Digital screenprintInfestation in a Nation., 201942 x 59cm

When is enough, enough? My artwork is an uncompromising portrait of the ruling classes. The infamous Oxford Bullingdon Club uniform dresses a grotesquely enlarged image of a microscopic intestinal parasitic worm, representing the surge of right-wing ideology and referencing the Nazi palette of red, white and black. The most successful parasites manipulate their host into believing them to be beneficial, or even benevolent. Working classes are groomed to regard ruling classes as ‘Their Betters’. The true face behind this image is a voracious, gaping mouth, indifferent to the long-term destruction it reaps upon its host, and still greedy for more. When is enough, enough? When do we take a stand? When do we wake from cognitive dissonance to what is in plain sight, and take action against austerity, the return to feudalism and socio-economic deprivation? Or do we submit to the inertia of the oppressed? For the masters, who accumulate money, power and Earth’s resources, when is enough, enough? This is the latest in a body of work exploring the concept of ‘democracy’, which evolved from my experience as a community art activist. The image is intended to be accessible, and to be widely replicated as a warning.