April 30, 2020

When I think of Inverness, what do I see?

Hester Grant

ZineInversesh Zine, 2020

The Inversesh Zine was created to convey my experience of living in Inverness as a young person. Inverness is a tourist destination that is often romanticised. I wanted to put forward the view of Inverness that is not seen by tourists. The zine shows the more mundane aspects of the city presented in a kitsch style. The term “Inversesh” plays on the term “drinking sesh”. Like with a lot of places in Scotland, drinking is sometimes seen as the only activity to do in rural areas. I also wanted to reference the decline of the Highstreet as society moves online as this is evident in the centre of Inverness. I believe this is an important topic as Inverness has a high suicide rate among young men. I believe this is due to how isolated you can feel in the Highlands. I began creating this piece prior to the COVID-19 outbreak through taking photos of the restaurants and shop lights that I often frequented. I continued to create this piece after lockdown, and I believe this added a new aspect to the piece. The streets that I had once found isolating and rundown, I realised that I greatly missed wandering them.