January 31, 2020

When even the air is toxic, how can we flourish?

Kayleigh Esplin, 23

We live on an alarmingly toxic planet where money is valued over health. Food is genetically modified, pesticide filled and depleted of nutrients. Our air is polluted. Our water tainted with heavy metals and chlorine. Our toiletries and cosmetics filled with chemicals that cause sickness. Homes are swamped with silent toxins from paint, upholstery and cleaning products. Our society is hooked on medication. All this contributed to the failure of my autonomic nervous system. Now, as I desperately fight for my health, I feel overwhelmed. The ear protectors show my desire to stop noise pollution and blocking out negativity. The blindfold shows my attempt to ignore bad influences, to leave the life around me to focus on myself. The medical mask shows I’m blocking out air pollution and environmental toxins. I am placed in the middle of a dark, mouldy, dirty room that mimics the world around me, filled with things that cause sickness. My wheelchair, having a place in this painting, points towards illness/disability but it also hints to being stuck. As much as I want to lead a fully healthy life, I cannot. Not until society changes and starts putting human health first.

Can’t escape toxins, 2020Digital oil painting5332 x 4929 px