May 25, 2021

When Does The White Man Die?

J Sager Shaw

A Custard Coloured Superdream,

At the time of writing, the global net population growth for this year is 32,226,541. That’s rather a lot of people. As westerners we have become obsessed with “preventable deaths” (ours) while remaining largely indifferent to all those deaths not deemed to be “preventable” (theirs). Society and science seek to extend our existence for as long as possible, eking out life at all costs. Why? So we can have a few more years eating crisps and watching Netflix? So we can wipe out a few more species? Perhaps this sounds very silly but I believe silliness should be taken seriously: that is why I have produced this piece of comic fiction. As a small first step, I wanted to see if I could kill off myself and my friends. The songs help to keep things light.