September 9, 2020

When does Beauty become Overripe?

Nerea Gómez Martín, 18

I am an avid admirer and supporter of the fashion industry, and I wish to join the movement that helps its evolution, keeping up with society and the environment’s needs. I came across the recent work of fashion photographer, Min Hyunwoo, and felt an awakening in me, as the faces of elderly, rural Korean models stared back at me from his images. I realised that the fashion industry tends to half-heartedly represent minority sectors of society, almost to just tick the duty off their list, when in fact they have a gold-mine of models sitting right under their noses: the elderly. I ask myself why fashion editors embellish or hide the true aged figures of the elderly?, Why it seems that top models have an expiry date in their late twenties? When does beauty become overripe? My personal answer is never. Old, ripe, marked and wrinkled figures evoke such intrigue and influence, and for that, they are beautiful. So lets not discard mature and browning fruits into compost, awaiting their re-birth. Lets celebrate the ripest fruits of the human race as the masterpieces of “Time”, who paints upon the canvas of our figures through life.

When does Beauty become Overripe?, 2020Pen drawings on paper, digitally transferred and layered onto ripe banana photo, painted over digitally.