My piece draws on personal concerns and experience in media and explores the intersection of different interests and lives in a trying time for media’s morality. When I entered my first Newsroom, I was shocked by how much flexibility there is to the idea of “angles”. In plain English, this is how Journalists decide how to interpret the facts of a story to make it more appealing for their readers. This in itself is a harmless concept, but as someone who had to convince my friends and family that trying to become a Journalist was still honourable in a post-Levison world, I began to wonder how far this could be pushed.

My piece is important because it reminds readers and writers alike that behind every story there are human lives being made and broken both inside and outside of the newsroom. Each stanza introduces a character who has a different perspective and interest in the crime and as such, gives a picture of their mindset that only the medium of Poetry could deliver. The image I submitted along with this piece is the story I imagined being written by the reporter in Stanza One.

I have been writing poetry and fiction privately for many years, but this piece was emotional and relevant to me, and I hope that sharing it will help start a conversation about the morality of media for a generation who take it for granted.