November 1, 2019

When can you call yourself a Poet?

Donald Falconer, 49

I wrote this poem to express to others how difficult it is to be poet in the world if that is all you want to do. I also want to show how difficult it is, just to have the confidence to call yourself a poet. Is it because the world doesn’t want you to be a poet or your own fears and doubts? When someone asks me what I do, it is difficult to say I am poet for fear of people saying, yes, but what is it that you really do? Aren’t they thinking, what is your real job? So this poem I wrote in defiance of all the disbelievers out there. It is a rhythmic expression of self-confidence in my craft because it has taken me many long and hard years to perfect it whilst removing the stubborn self doubt that makes you think to yourself -“When can I call myself a Poet?” This humble poem is a statement to the world to say, yes, now, I am a here, I am Poet and I will sing my song of love no matter if you believe me or not.

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