January 31, 2022

When Are You Still?

Anne Laidlaw

Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Pens and PastelBe Ready to Dive Deep, 2021210mm x 297mm

The stillness of the Kingfisher patient, yet completely focused and ready to respond and dive deep. Kingfishers need good quality water to be able to see their prey and achieve fruitful dives. Meditation has provided me with clarity of mind enabling me to respond to my own needs, create space and feed my desire for growth. The last eight months have been a pendulum of meditation and diving deep into the limiting beliefs lurking in the, sometimes muddy, waters of my mind.

The quiet stillness enabling expansion, moments of surrender and wholeness. Complimenting the energy shifting wonder, insight and thrill that comes in the action of rewiring my brain, rewriting my story and renewing my belief in myself. Whilst I believe both stillness and movement are needed to maintain a truly fulfilling balance in life, it is often in the moments I create to be still that I see where I must dive.