February 19, 2020

When a tree falls who hears?

Christine Taylor

Oil on boardWhen a tree falls who hears?, 201930cm x 40cm

Is there a Universal language common to all life forms? I believe there is and the evidence for me is never stronger than when I’m deep in a forest, preferably with an easel in front of me. Their greatness inspires me with awe in so many ways. The shear biological feat of forming such large life forms which so gracefully manifest the rhythms of the universe; the fact that these soaring structures can live for thousands of years and give so much back to our planet. The feeling of oneness and the health benefits from spending time in forests is well documented and it is this euphoric sensation of belonging which I am striving to achieve in my art. I know that in order to reach my goal I must first study the universal rules so I can apply them to my painting and I hope my submission illustrates a step along this path. “This quiet forgotten corner of spruce tucked behind a band of deciduous exudes a majestic quietness as the last beams of light fade and time stands still”. The magic of the forest starts to happen and the trees speak the universal language of life.