January 2, 2020

What’s your point?

Emma Nicholson, 22

Is it all a waiting game? Only a matter of time before they find out there isn’t actually a point to all this? Or is there a point? Then what is it? I’m not entirely sure why I write and draw, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to give a straight answer. Does that mean I shouldn’t continue? I feel when im creating that it is intensely purposeful, im just not sure what for. I think it’s important or at least interesting to honestly consider why we engage in these activities which are so often described, belittlingly, as a hobby or dismissed altogether as useless when compared to other studies which have an instantly recognisable purpose. I think the question ‘Does there need to be a point?’, although being able to be applied directly to the arts is applicable to any aspect life where an immediate purpose is not clear. The question is comforting in its own unsureness, whilst acting as a prompt to look deeper, for an unconventional purpose.

'Art for art's sake', 2020Poetry