April 27, 2021

What’s Your Drug Of Choice?

Nicola Mcfarlane Young

Acrylic On DriftwoodMy Beach, 2020Approximately 34cm x32cm

Firstly I’m dyslexic so I’ll try my best at this part… The beach is my drug of choice, my addiction, my obsession. And even more so during lockdowns.. To get out the house, to get away from my family. To wash away my thoughts, fears, worries and anxiety. To rinse away my sometimes desperate despair of loosing another parent, too young, too soon. To bathe in the sunshine, to feel the warmth, like the best of cuddles. The fight and fiercely walk against the wind and storms because I know it’s good for me. Even though I’m the only (living) soul on the beach and I know the storms will bring me treasure. To beachcomb for little snippets of times gone by, an old buckle, a gorgeous jewel like piece of sea glass, a stopper from an old sauce bottle. A kids frosted sea glass marble. These bring me such joy and excitement. I can’t stay in, I must walk on the sand, in the water, on the pebbles. I don’t use it for exercise, I never rush, I never jog or run but I know it’s good for my head, my heart and my well being. My drug