June 24, 2019

What’s on your doorstep?

Reina Edmiston, 30

Transport poverty affects one million Scots and can be the difference between getting support and services needed or going without (Sustrans, 2016).

My bike was provided by a charity addressing transport poverty and has enabled me to capture scenes to paint. I greatly admire seascape artists but getting to the coast is a challenge without private transport or a 2 hour bus journey.

This therefore pushed me to explore scenes on my doorstep where I accepted that epic seas were not going to be found. Through acceptance I started to appreciate the area around me, that simplistic scenes, such as this canal that I cycled to in 10 minutes from my house, could challenge me to better my skills in techniques such as shading and creating depth. I want to challenge the individual to make use of what is around them without having to access costly transport.

I began painting in November last year as a combat to a tricky time. Having never painted, my pieces are created with a limited palette to keep things simple and better my skills.

The Canal,
Oil on canvas,
12″ x 12″