January 22, 2020

What’s important in life?

Lewis Mulligan, 19

Everything Red explores the connotations of the colour red that influence all our lives. These include love, rage, blood, lust, danger, hell, and I imagine you can think of many more to relate to. Why the colour red? In my opinion red is the colour that best embodies life and energy, as it screams of heat and passion, which only life can hold. Personally I struggle with the concept of romantic love, and this has spiralled into feeling generally lost in life because, as you will all know, love or addiction in general clouds our judgement. Unfortunately due to the rules of the award you will not be able to read the full story, but if my writing is effective, you should see the various different characters begin to alleviate the fogs that are blinding each other, by showing how trivial their vices are, by showing them a different perspective, and just by showing them warmth and validation. I hope you can all relate and perhaps even reflect on your own lives and priorities, through the story of Everything Red.

Everything Red, 2020Feature length script.