August 1, 2019

What’s Drugs Got to Do With It?

Steven Borland

PoetryAmphetamaniac, 2019

This poem is an exploration into drug addiction and how it ruins, not only your own, but the lives around you. There was no fancy situation, to lead to the inspiration behind this piece. The idea came to my mind after seeing one of the local addicts shamelessly dredge through a cigarette bin, looking for butts or – if lady luck is on their side – a half-smoked cancer giver.

Throughout the poem, the narrator tells the addict to do things, which become progressively more extreme, with the poem taking a couple of dark turns. The reasoning for the darkest of these turns is that I feel the situation symbolises the final loss of innocence. After your innocence is gone, what have you got to lose?

Some degenerates will stop at nothing to get a fix and, although these situations are parallel with mental health problems, some things are inexcusable. Most don’t sympathise with gambling addicts who spin away their entire life, alcoholics who abuse loved ones in a drunken rage, so why should we have sympathy for hard drug addicts, who will hurt others for their addiction? Just because someone is more vulnerable, doesn’t mean they deserve special treatment.